October 25, 2018
Back when Matt Palentchar was growing up and playing sports with his friends in Colonia, NJ, he apparently had no inkling that he might one day become a prominent Florida real estate attorney with an excellent statewide reputation. However, that is exactly what happened and he now has well over a dozen years’ experience as an attorney. That may be why it seems like a natural choice these days, although, looking back, it took quite a while to get there.

Following Matt Palentchar high school graduation in New Jersey, he earned a political science degree from Rutgers, but while he was there, he received a scholarship to attend law school at Ohio Northern University, so he moved out of state for the first time. After receiving his Juris Doctor, Matt Palentchar moved to Florida, where he passed the bar exam and joined a Naples, Florida law firm, where he practiced in many areas. He didn’t care for that, however, and very soon he founded his own firm, which he ran until 2010, when health and person problems made it necessary to leave Florida for a time.